Fashion Mobile App

Development of a Tinder-like app for discovering latest fashion trends


There is an idea to create a fashion themed app with features such as professional stylist advice and commenting. An app where one can share his or her looks and be a part of the fashion community. Discover locations or online store to get your desirable outfit. The following were implemented during the research for this app: competitive analysis, design review, etc.


The competition lacks maps with location, interactivity, simplicity, and potential wide target audiences.


Progressive Personas

Who is the Bester target audience?

  • Fashionable young ladies, teens, women in their 30-40.
  • Potentially men 25-35

First sketches

Created prototypes for Bester where the layout is bright and trendy, has neutral colors in order to appeal for various target audiences, and commenting feature and simplicity are also present.

High fidelity wireframes

Creating UI in Sketch App

Making Animations in Principle

Final Results


While working on Bester I’ve learned about complex projects. Bester is an app with a big amount of tasks and possibilities. It was by far, one of the most challenging logistical projects to date. Mapping, sketching and flow charts were very helpful in the process. The app idea has a lot of potential and leaves room for further exploration.

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