Music Player

Creation of a new layout for a music player app


While looking at modern music player designs - existing and prototypes, I found that many of them don’t have the kick of fun. For example, Apple’s player has a lack of color and reminds me of the Craigslist website. The negative space in the app is represented by a plane white color, which is harmful for users’ eyes. Another popular music player Spotify, on the contrast, has an all black background.


Apple Music and Spotify are the most popular music streaming services according to the various resources. The list below presents the strengths and the weaknesses of following user interfaces for both of the apps combined.

Interactive Prototype

Competitor Analysis

After browsing the top three best reviewed furniture websites I have created lists of strengths and weaknesses.

  • minimalistic design,
  • variety,
  • search,
  • categories and genres,
  • suggestions,
  • playlists
Pain points
  • plain design,
  • small images or no images,
  • confusing structure,
  • very few special features
    (Apple Music),
  • small titles (Spotify)

Journey Map

User Task-flow

The following is the simple user task-flow representation created to navigate main user actions while working the app.

High fidelity wireframes

This section showcases user interaction with the music player app

First Design Explorations

An idea is to add two new features to the existing user interface. The first is to create a queue playlist of the songs. Unlike the shuffle feature, users will be able to pick some songs from the main collection and organize them according to their appearance preference. The second feature is to add favorite/mark feature to keep the most lovable songs all in one playlist. Both functions will appear when choosing a song and sliding to the left. One tap confirms your pick and double tap dismiss it.

Logo Design


To test out the new design I took to Facebook. I asked my friends to share their opinion about the design and in a few hours I started getting feedback. With the help of a simple investigation, I discovered some of the important things that I missed in my first design.

Some of the main suggestions to fix / add were:

The next step is to fix observations listed above.


Bringing color into the app resulted in positive feedback. Minimalistic design and enlarged icons helped to navigate easier, as well. The idea of creating a colorful, fun and smart design for a music player app, which suits the audience of teenagers and young professionals, was achieved. It was concluded that vibrant color scheme increased interest in users. The result had shown that it was important for users to have clear color associations.


I learned that you always have to keep an eye on the latest trends, users feedback and by providing users with a fresh design. Design in app industry just like fashion trend tends to rapidly change. The fact is user preferences are constantly changing.

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