Mobile App

A mobile app for watching and sharing game content.

About the project

During the time I joined the project, mobile app consisted only of the chat feature. Users complained that the app lacked a full suite of functions, such as watching their friends play on the go. I was the only designer on the project and I had to build the majority of the functions from scratch. Within a short period of time I was able to create and ship the full functioning app with timeline, object pages, sharing, and uploading features.


This tab allowed the user to watch, comment, and share from the timeline as well as the ability to see notifications, use reactions, and repost friends content.


One of the difficulties with Uploads tab was to differentiate it from the Timeline. To solve this, I used smaller preview images and description. I added icons for video clips and screenshots so users can easily know what content they are looking at. From the Uploads tab users can share their content in messages and post to the Timeline.

Edit Description

The next step in the app development was to add more flexibility. For example, to be able to edit descriptions just like in the Windows Plays app. Users can access ‘edit description’ feature by clicking an additional menu next to every post in Timeline, Uploads, and Media Object Page.


The new version of the app was just launched in September 2019. The project turned out to be a great learning experience as it helped me to understand the needs of gamers in combination with the social media aspect in mobile.  

The app is available in the App Store and PlayStore as well.